Media Coverage of the Social and Moral Development Lab!

“The Dos and Don’ts of Talking About Race with Kids” Parents Magazine 7/13/20


“‘Education via Computer Needs to be Limited’: Psychologist Says Parents Must Step up to Nurture Kids in Age of Coronavirus” CBS 4/2/0


“Even very young children can become prejudiced but schools can do something about it” Conversation 2/18/20


“UMD research team awarded $1.67 million for program aimed at reducing childhood bias” University of Maryland’s Stories Beneath the Shell blog 11/18/20


“Building Morality” on the Super Awesome Science Show, Global News, Canada Podcast 10/01/19


“Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture” news story commissioned by Anderson Cooper for CNN AC360, which aired for five nights in 2012. CNN AC360 here. Emmy Award for Outstanding News and Analysis, October 2013.

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