Dr. Melanie Killen
B.A., Clark University; Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Areas of interest: social and moral reasoning; cultural influences on development; social reasoning about group inclusion and exclusion, children’s and adolescents’ moral evaluations of intergroup bias, prejudice in childhood, and intergroup bias.
Current Position: Professor of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, Director of the Lab 

Vitae: Killen CV




Current Graduate Students

Amanda Burkholder

B.A., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; Ph.D. Candidate, UMD.

Areas of interest: moral reasoning, intergroup relations, inclusion and exclusion, resource allocation
Vitae: Burkholder CV





Alexander D’Esterre
B.A., Rutgers University; Ph.D. Candidate, UMD.
Areas of interest: moral development, resource allocation, honest/dishonest behavior, Theory of Mind
Vitae: D’Esterre CV






Riley Sims

B.A., University of California, Davis; Ph.D. Candidate, UMD
Areas of interest: moral development, resource allocation, gender stereotypes, social cognition

Vitae: Sims CV




Jacquelyn Glidden

B.S., Bucknell University; M.A., San Francisco State University; Ph.D. Candidate, UMD

Areas of interest: moral reasoning, Theory of Mind, intergroup relations, social inclusion and exclusion


Vitae: Glidden CV







Kathryn Yee 

B.A., New York University; Ph.D. Candidate, UMD

Areas of Interest: social cognition, intergroup dynamics and behavior, perceptions of status hierarchies, stereotypes, and social mobility


Vitae: Yee CV





Katherine Luken Raz
B.S., University of Washington, Seattle; Ph.D. Candidate, UMD

Areas of Interest: moral reasoning, intergroup relations, inclusion and exclusion


Vitae: Luken Raz CV




Lab Manager


Arvid Samuelson

B.A.,University of California, Santa Cruz








Visiting Scholar

Lenka Kollerová

Ph.D., Institute of of Psychology, Czech Academy of Sciences

Current position: Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Social and Moral Development Lab, UMD.

Areas of interest: Moral evaluation of peer exclusion, teachers’ responses to peer exclusion, bullying and defending in adolescence


Vitae: Kollerova CV








Post-Doctoral Fellow

Jeanine Grütter 
Ph.D., University of Zurich
Current position: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Zurich
Areas of interest: Social exclusion and inclusion, discrimination, intergroup attitudes, morality.
Vitae:  Grütter CV







Lab Alumni (Previous Graduate Students in order from most recently graduated)

 Michael Rizzo

B.S., University of California, San Diego; Ph.D. 2018
Current Position: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, New York University
Vitae:  Rizzo CV

Laura Elenbaas
B.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D. 2017
Current position: Assistant Professor, University of Rochester




Jee Young Noh
B.A., Yonsei University; Ed.M., Harvard University; Ph.D. 2017
Current Position: Assistant Professor, California Baptist University




Shelby Cooley
B.A., Scripps College; Ph.D. 2015

Areas of interest: Racial and ethnic minority development and academic achievement
Current position: Research Scientist, The Road Map Project


Kelly Lynn Mulvey
B.A., Duke University; M.A.T, Duke University; Ph.D. 2013
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology, North Carolina State University





Aline Hitti 
B.A. Johns Hopkins University; M.S.E. Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. 2013
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of San Francisco



Megan Clark Kelly
B.A., Boston College; M.A., Boston College (Developmental Psychology); Ph.D. 2011.
Current position: Lecturer, Department of Human Development, University of Maryland, College Park.





Cameron Richardson
B.S., Penn State University; Ph.D. 2011.
Current position: Research Associate, Penn State University.



Alaina Brenick
B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Ph.D. 2009
Current position: Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Connecticut




Nancy Geyelin Margie
B.A., Haverford College; Ph.D. 2007
Current position: Research Fellow, Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


Stefanie Sinno
B.S., Ursinus College; Ph.D. 2007 
Current position: Associate Professor of Psychology, Muhlenberg College , Allentown , PA.




Christina M. Edmonds
B.A., Barnard College at Columbia University; Ph.D. 2005
Current position:
 private sector





Yoonjung Park
B.S., Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea; M.A., Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea; Ph.D 2005
Current position: Research Associate, Children’s Defense Fund, Washington, D.C.





Jennie Lee-Kim
B.A., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D. 2005
Current position: Assistant Clinical Professor, Director, Academic Services & Human Development Undergraduate Major, Department of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland





Heidi McGlothlin
B.A., Western Kentucky University; Ph.D. 2004
Current position: Private sector





Stacey Horn
B.A., University of Minnesota; M.A., College of St. Thomas; Ph.D. 2000
Current position: Professor of Education, University of Illinois, Chicago.





Alicia E. Ardila-Rey
B.A., Universidad de San Buenaventura-Bogota-Colombia; M.Ed., University of Maryland, College Park; Ph.D. 2002
Current position: Research Director and Associate, American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education.



Christine E. Theimer Schuette
B.A., University of Virginia; M.Ed., University of Maryland; Ph.D. 1999
Current position: Professor of Psychology, Chesapeake College, Wye Mills, MD.






International Visiting Scholars


Ileana Enesco Arana
B.A., Complutense de Madrid; Ph.D., Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Current position: Professor of Developmental Psychology, Departamento de Psicologia Evolutiva y de la Educación, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Areas of interest: prejudice (ethnic, racial, national, body size), and number and early arithmetic (counting, detection vs. production paradigms).


Hanna Beissert
M.A., University of Mannheim (Educational Research & Sociology); B.Sc., University of Mannheim (Psychology); Ph.D., German Institute for International Educational Research, Frankfurt

Current Position: Academic Staff, Department of Education and Human Development, Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education
Areas of interest: moral development, moral reasoning, Theory of Mind




Maike Gieling
B.A. (Psychology), Utrecht University, the Netherlands; M.Sc. Utrecht University; Ph.D. Utrecht University
Areas of interest: Social reasoning about questions of multiculturalism, group rights and tolerance among adolescents (particularly in the Dutch context), ingroup identification.


Tina Malti
M.A., Free University Berlin (Developmental Psychology); M.A., University of Fribourg (Cognitive-behavioral Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents): Ph.D., Free University Berlin and Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin
Current position: Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto
Areas of interest: Social and moral emotions, social and moral reasoning, developmental psychopathology, socialization influences on social development, developmental interventions, longitudinal studies


Luke McGuire
BSc., Cardiff University, MSc., Cardiff University, Ph.D., Goldsmiths, University of London
Current position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London
Areas of interest: Moral development, group dynamics, resource allocation, social reasoning


Silvia Guerrero Moreno
Ph.D., Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Current position: Associate Professor of Education, Universidad Castilla La-Mancha
Areas of interest: Prejudice, exclusion, social cognition



Sally Palmer
B.A., University of Kent, Ph.D., University of Kent, Canterbury, U.K.
Current position: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Goldsmiths, University of London
Areas of interest: Bystander intervention, group dynamics, social reasoning, intergroup attitudes, social exclusion


Marcel Stefanik
M.Sc. (Teaching academic subject of biology and chemistry) Comenius University, Slovak Republic. Fulbright Visiting Student Researcher, 2010-2011.

Current position: Global Coordinator, Youth Engagement at International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Areas of interest: Discriminatory practices of children and adolescents in view of inter-group contacts and experience with majority/minority status; peer interactions; diversity promotion; and institutional




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