Professor Melanie Killen teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Maryland, and provides research training through specialized individual research credits. Below are the courses that Professor Killen teaches in the Department of Human Development.


  • For current course offerings go to Testudo, the University of Maryland online teaching schedule.



  • Child Growth and Development (survey course)



  • Social Development and Socialization Processes (core doctoral course)
  • Research Methods in Human Development (core doctoral course)
  • Social Cognition and Moral Development (general graduate seminar)
  • Social Bases of Behavior (M.A.- level seminar)
  • Social Exclusion and Social Justice (advanced seminar)
  • Social Reasoning about Intergroup Relationships (advanced seminar)
  • Conceptions of Social Groups: Tolerance and Intolerance of “the Other (seminar)
  • Culture, Context, and Development (general graduate seminar)
  • Center for Children, Relationships, and Culture Seminar (colloquia series)

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